Thursday, June 28, 2012

Short but sweet!

Phew, haven't updated this blog in a while! I took on a couple of big projects this summer that will take a while to finish, so here are a few little things I did in the meantime.

My character Kukulkan, Jake the snake's dad. These were lines for a collaboration with the extremely talented Ignacio, whose colors are here!

Bust shots of four other characters of mine. I've been working on people and portraits in my spare time because they've always been sort of a weak spot for me... But I'm happy with the two on the right!

Lineart for a massive collaboration with Ignacio and 150 other artists to draw all 151 gen I pokémon. I would have loved to draw Wartortle but it was taken... Fearow is good too.

Something that I'm going to color digitally of Po traveling through her moon calendar.

Even more of my own characters. There's been a lot of fun character design in TV animation lately, and I wanted to get back into shapes a little bit. For these guys, they each have a few physical traits in common, so I wanted to give them distinct differences in appearance and personality. Really enjoyed this one.