Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Senior Portfolio 2

Seven pieces either done or in progress for this semester.

For this one, I was experimenting with illustrating a common dream sensation instead of a particular dream specific to me. It turned out to be a great exercise in loosening up and being less afraid of color, something that I'd like to pursue more in my art. This piece is about the dream situation of being chased, pursued, or hunted by something.

My preliminary work:

I continued my sentient train piece with the second out of three images, where the train turns and follows me onto my street.

This piece is the second out of two images I have for a dream where aliens came and enlarged mundane children's objects such as dolls, rocking horses, and carriages in order to take over. While in the dream, I looked down the street and saw this.

And here are some pieces that are still in-progress:


  1. ahh Karsen these are all amazing!! i love the colors of the first one, and the pencil piece with the light beams especially