Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graphic Illustration

This was one of my favorite classes, and definitely the one that I had the most ambition for. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to devote as much time to it as I would have liked between senior port and my other classes. But here is the work I was able to do!

Our first assignment was to design a matching set of three skateboard decks. I liked a drawing I did for Dedramo 2011 so I expanded it for this project: a ghost and her three pets.

And the preliminary sketches:

Then we needed to make a children's menu for an existing or made-up restaurant. I don't think La Torera exists, but in any case this is all made up. I had a lot of fun drawing the characters, especially on the desserts page.

And my sketches, organized in print format:

Our third project was to design the playing board for any board game. I really just wanted to draw lots and lots of sharks, so I made a super simple game that would work around my art.

The colors were done in photoshop, but the lineart for everything but the paths was done with micron pens on marker paper. Even though it's nice to have control over my lines with illustrator, it was a lot of fun to work more quickly and freely by hand. Here's the lineart I did:

If I could go back and add to this project, I would love to make a box design for this game. It'd be kind of fun to make little pieces, too.

The last assignment was a simple toy turnaround. I had a lot of ideas for toys based on the cast of my story Jake the Snake, but of course I only had time to do one, so I settled on Sally. If I could do it again, I would design her so she wouldn't be so difficult to make, but she was a lot of fun to turn around.

Sketches for her and for the other toys I would have liked to make:


  1. Ok, so I already told you this but I really really love these.

  2. Aweomse. Haha the matador holding the dessert up to the bull is delightful ^.^