Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Comic Projects

I've been doodling a lot of these kids lately because I'm trying to get their graphic novel done this year. Something like 70-120 pages by mid-December. We'll see if I have a finished product by then, but I am so tired of starting projects and never finishing them that I decided to just take something I have and get it done. If I keep noodling at it, it'll sit in noodle form forever. Dry, overcooked, and without broth or veggies.

So Jake-noodles is slowly becoming a cohesive story. I've been learning about story structure and picking people's brains, trying not to get discouraged when I learn (too late) that I would have done something different. It is a learning experience! As I draw more I want to post more of it. I'm debating whether to post the comic itself online or wait until it's finished, but I think I will post a teaser prior to its release or something. I'm not sure!

I could ramble on about it forever. Another project I want to play around with:

This girl comes from a society that depends on canids and equines for their survival, while the subject of felines is traditionally taboo. She's had this cat that she can't let go of, so she runs away to the woods where the gods live. Etc

Someday! I already belong to Jake the Snake for the year, so it's gonna be tough letting this one sit as noodles. I'm starting to have ideas for it and I have to tell myself no.