Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Karsen: The Writer

The other day I rediscovered this book of writing prompts for kids that I wrote in when I was six. Apparently, I took every prompt literally and sometimes stole story ideas from the prompt itself.

I think A Lion in My Closet is my favorite story because I tried to put a twist on the ending. The last sentence is a little cut off. It reads, “I was happy to see her.”

Apparently, I was also a poetic prodigy when I was six. If you can't read it:
"There once was a lonely dog who lived for just a while, when he used to make phonecalls, he always had to dile."
My sister Rieley, ever the Serieli to my Mozart, crossed out my poem in favor of her opus "animals":

"Once There were a bunch of animals and they fought. The meat eaters fought about their food. The plant eaters fought about what they wanted to play. Soon they got togeather, and they all played togeather, and ate togeather.

The end"

And then, to spite me further, she provided an illustration of Littlefoot and his grandfather.

Monday, January 2, 2012

DeDraMo 2011

This is my second time doing Dedramo, I think, and probably the first time I've succeeded. Yay! Basically what you do is draw one thing for each day of December, and the only rule is that you spend at least 10 minutes on each drawing. Somebody made up this nifty thumbnail template to see all of your drawings in one spot: